About Robin and the team


It all started when...

Robin is grown up in the wet coast of Norway.  Øygarden is situated 45 min west of Bergen and 170 nm from Shetland. 

Robin has 18 year of experience from the Norwegian navy, Arctic expeditions, and as a guide in Norway and Northern Canada. Robin is founder of The Dale Oen Experience  , a organization to give opportunities to the young generation. Throughout the four last years a number of 55 000 youngsters have participated at different activities at The Dale Oen-centre. By letting our young generation from all around the world take part in activities and meet challenges, we aim to stimulate their talents and grow as human beings, preparing them not only to understand the world around them, but also being capable of solving some of the difficult tasks that humanity faces the next decades, and founder of #youexplore .

Beside working in the Royal Norwegian Navy , Robin works as a coach in the Norwegian Swimming Federation and at the Norwegian Olympic Team.